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Is This A Decent Price?


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Ok... some of you may know I'm looking to get a full respray.

But at the same time I will be getting some new bodykit added to the car.

Bomex nose

Pheonix power front bumper splitters

Pheonix power rear bumper splitters

Autopista rear spoiler

Toms Skirts

I've been quoted about £2000 for the full respray and painting and fitting of the above.

Does this seem about right ??

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I've been quoted around the £1000 mark for a respray on my T-bar, not a colour change just in the original colour.....and his work is first class, but I suppose once you factor in the time to take you original bits off and put new bits on and get everything lined up correctly I don't think it's too far off the mark :thumbsup:

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I think it does sound about right (considering the quotes i've had for a respray!).

i.e. 1200 respary same colour, 1700 for a black colour change.

Have you tried to blag it to em?

Say that you should ge a little discount as your getting a lot of stuff done off them.And that you'll defo come back in the future as you've got more stuff planned (which I wouldn't doubt for a 2nd knowing you...lambo door coversion...respray... ;))


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Your not going for the front fin are you, they look sh*t. I think 2K is the higher end of the market so if you decde to go for it make sure they do a good job. If your not happy with it, dribbles, orange peeling ect get them to sort it out. Will they be doing sills and boot etc...

M. :thumbsup:

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Sounds like a good reason to get them to do it!! If they have done this sort of stuff before, it shouldn't take them as long to do the job, hence you should save some money, and most importantly have the job done properly :)

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Friends in the business is always good...

I'm getting the full Veilside style kit fitted with a complete respray (colour change) for 800smackers.

I do have to help though.. but at least I'll be able to say I modded the car myself.

Where's that then ?

Does he fancy doing two together ? :yes:

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