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Anyone know about the foglights on the 1994-95 Celica?

I had the standard OEM toyota ones on the car but decided to replace them with some more modern looking projectors. (The OEM ones are displayed in the picture below)

The new projector fogs are oval 12V 55Watt.

but had H3 connections instead of the ones that were on the Celica

I took off the OEM ones and put on the new ones....I cut the two cables from each OEM foglight and joined them up to the new ones.

I had to cut the cables because the connectors are different, (the new fogs are H3 and the older ones were not)

So my question to the Celica people out there...what is the standard setup of the OEM fogs....the new ones keep blowing (daily, so I've not got any working fogs now!)

And I'm wondering if the OEM ones were running on a different Wattage?

Something must be causing the new fogs to blow, and the connections are pretty solid.

Any pointers would be appreciated!

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Thanks for that Dub_boy!

It's still work in progress..... ;)

Anyone got an answer to the question though?

It's really driving me mad....I have no fog lights working now and the dark evenings are upon us!

The standard dims on their own just dont light up the road enough. (Fogs look kewl as well B) )

Anyone got the Voltage/Wattage of the OEM Celica fogs, someone must know!


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Nice looking motor dude :thumbsup:

I think your right the voltages are diffrent.

I had the same problem trying to get orange indicator bulbs for the front of the 4.

In the end i just painted the OEM bulbs orange. :lol:

You may need to fling a resistor into the works somewhere.

Can you not get uprated bulbs that run a higher wattage? Simplest way to fix the problem

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Well, I could do I suppose.......

Would there be any problem putting a bigger wattage bulb in there?

Thanks again,

like your car btw m8.

I was living in your neck of the woods not too long ago (Reading)

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Adding higher wattage bulbs isnt going to be a problem. They will just be able to take to high voltage of the foglight connectors output.

The worst thing that would happen is they are too bright :lol:

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When you say the fogs blow daily do you mean the bulbs or the fuse??. It's unlikely that your car is sending too much power to the bulbs, at best the alternator will put out only around 14.4 volts, which is quite normal. If the alternator developes a fault and overcharges then other bulbs would probably blow and your Battery would be fried fur sure. If your fuse keeps blowing then you either have a short somewhere or the combined bulb wattage is too high. A 55W bulb can only pull about 4.5 amps so your fuse should be no more than 15A and in theory a 10A should run them ok. Putting in higher wattage bulbs could in theory overload the wiring although you would probably have to fit silly bulbs to manage that and so long as you dont fit a bigger fuse on that circuit you should be ok.

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