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I don't know what people's problem is with Blair, who would you rather have instead??

Hague? :D

Duncan Smith? <_<

Michael Howard? :help:

John Major? :lol:

Gordon Brown??? :!Removed!:

PM is a murderous job and people should give him a break, I think Blair a standup guy!

could you do the job better?

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lol, whoever we put in power is only gonna do the same thing, they'll side with America(cos we have to), never make a decission about joining Europe, the NHS will never improve, taxes will always increase, etc etc etc

It's just that I quite like Blair as a person! I'd trust him alot more than that slimey looking Michael Howard anyway :thumbsup:

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could you do the job better?


but my slighty right of alf garnet views might not go down to well, especially with cyclists and moped riders. :ffs:

and caravans.

I'd vote for me :thumbsup:

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