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Replacement Key And Keyfob?


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Hi All,

I've just bourght a 97 Corolla Hatchback 1.3GS and need to get a spare ignition key and keyfob (2 button lock/unlock)

I have the original black key (with silver tag) and a working 2 button fob.

I'm obviously worried about losing these, so need spares.

What are my best options?


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I went through exactly the same thing a few months back and after investigating all the options the conclusion was that only

the dealer could do it. I took in proof of ownership and they then ordered it from Toyota. The car then went back in to have the fob programmed which took about 30 mins.

Dealer charges did vary though. I ended up paying 80 for the new 2 button fob / key ( one unit ) and 50 for the programming at Currie Motors. Jemca quoted me 230 !

To cheer myself up, I imagined all the possible scenarios that would result from losing the key and by utilising the principle of Positive Mental Attitude convinced myself that 130 sobs was infact a cheap price to pay. :unsure:

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