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Gearbox - Replace Or Repair?

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My 2001 Yaris (manual) has some sort of transmission problem. Toyota garage says they're not certain but think the bearings need replacement. Bought in private sale, no warranty. 1000 quid if I'm lucky. Lucky me.

A mechanic I know advised that a second-hand gearbox is a better bet than diagnosing / fixing the dodgy one, because who knows what else is wrong with mine, and a second-hand one is likely good, since they so rarely go wrong. The transmission specialists I talked to said the opposite: that I should repair not replace. They cited lack of guarantee and unknown condition of the second hand gearbox as the reasons why. They did say they'd fit a second hand box though, but without a guarantee (I think they said they do 12 months standard on repairs).

Don't want to be cynical, but I guess this transmission specialist shop lose out on the markup on new parts if they fit second hand stuff. Maybe that's one reason they don't like second hand parts. Am I wrong?

Searching on the net, I see there are plenty of cheap second-hand gearboxes around. Only trouble is, I know nothing about gearboxes, so how do I know what I'm getting? Then I've got to get gearbox, car, and mechanic in one place, and sounds like I won't get a guarantee.

On the other hand, I can see the argument that who knows what else is wrong with it. I've been driving it for weeks with this problem, so may well have caused further damage (took it to the garage weeks ago with a whining noise, and they said they couldn't hear anything wrong!). I doubt the guarantee counts for anything if it's something that was bad from the start - only covers their own bad repairs, presumably.

Advice, anybody?

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gearbox from a breakers should be fine,,,,most breakers are/should be ...fairly honest guys ....just trying to make a living ..they dont want a bad reputation ,,,,,,as mud sticks......a repair specialist ,will be guaranteed .but you will pay the price..ps i would think about having cluch inspected at the same time ......also the cheapest clutch i could find was from toyota themselves

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My Yaris T3 2004 I Was Driving Home Quite Happily When I Heard A Horrible Grating Sound From Gearbox, Then Bang, No Gears At All, Thank GOD For The R.A.C. Who Got Me And Stricken Car Home, Now Have To Find And Replace Box, Seems Only Sensible To Do Clutch As Well

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