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Balancing Or Tracking Needed?!


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I had the same thing on my old wheels, still get it but tracking/balancing makes no difference.

Seems loads of people complain about it on here, someone did mention that it was because Toyota wheels need balancing in a diferent way but I've given up trying to sort it out! :rolleyes:

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Mine was terrible on my old 15's, would pull to the kerb etc. Doesn't do that anymore but is slightly un-balanced @ high speed, could just be the seriously low profile of the 17's transmitting every crease in the road through the wheel. :rolleyes:

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Hi just joined the forum trying to search for a any suggestions on what maybe happening to my Mrs's T sport. It used to shake at high speeds and pull widly to the left for no apparent reason, also the rears we had to replac cos the wear wering quicker on the insides! toyota said it was the balance of the front tires which caused the shaking and so far i think it sorted but for 4 wheel alignment they wanted almost £100 and they didn't even know whether it was the problem or not!! But i have to say i haven't trusted the steering on the yaris ever since it just feels a little unsafe :eek: !! any advice?? :unsure:

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I work at bathwick tyres and have been doing this stuff for the past 4 years so i hope this helps :thumbsup:

There a few things that can cause the vibration through the steering wheel:-

1)The most common Wheel Balance this is caused by the fact that as tyre wears the weight needed to keep it in balance changes from new to part worn this is cheep to fix i charge about £4 a rim +vat

2)Tyre out of shape, eg not round any more this is caused by damage to the cord's inside the tyre normaly due to age or impact (cerbs pot holes stuff like that) the only way to fix this is to fit a new tyre

3)wrong wheels for the car/wrong spigot ring's with the car jacked up and all wheel nuts removed there should be no movement up or down if there is then u need to get the correct rings these can be orderd from almost any tyre place or direct from manufacure of the wheels

4)vibration under braking warn/distorted brake disc's again the only fix is replacement

As for the pulling to one side that can be caused by a few things as well:

1)Differance in tread depth from left to right, As the one tyre has more drag than the other one (this can allso damage 4WD units so be carefull)

2)Differance in Tyre Pressure, Same reason as above

3)The Tracking (toe in and out) this is an ajustment of the length of the rack. easy job to do with the right kit i charge £20 +vat

4) 4 wheel alignment this should cover: toe in and out, camber, caster and trust angle. i dont do this at wort but i know places that do i recomend a company in swindon called "imperial tyres" but there should be companys around your area that do the same this cost's about £65-75 pounds depending on car but it will feel like a new car after i has been done right.

Hope this has helped any questions just ask!!!

Rember every 1 millimeter your tracking is out you lose 1000 miles of tyre wear so keep an eye on it B)

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