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Reving Problem


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Hey guys.. I have another problem with my car again.. I have done a auto to manual switch on my mr2 and have gotten it to run. There is just one problem though... It runs great, starts great, and idles great but for some reason when I hit the gas it tries to die on me and then only goes up to 5,000rpm and wont go past it unless slightly let the gas off and then it will clime.. now also, if I take it and rev it from in the motor compartment and stick my hand infront of the air intake it sucks my hand to it and the motor shoots streght up past red line.. I don't know what the problem could be.. Maybe it is a relay??? Could the EFI unit be bad?????? Some one help pleeeeassse..!!!! :o... I would aprieciate it.. I'm only that far from getting my car done and drivable.


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i don't know what you mean be auto boxor not.. but i changed it from an auto to a manual tranny. for some reason it is getting too much air into the intake.. I can't figure out what is going on.

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