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Shopping List For The 200hp 3sgelu


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Oh I'm soooo happy with my ride :D - went and saw the all knowing TRD NZ Branch and they gave the thumbs up for my 200HP 87 GT-R!!

Got the car dynoed down in Wellington and I was pretty close to my estimates all along...

3SGELU - 166HP at flywheel - 160HP at Wheels (I was astonished at how little HP loss I got between the tranny and wheels)

and the shopping list..... haven't laid down on specific brands for all of it yet so please provide feedback if you have some better ideas for me :)


Simota Pod Filter - $180 NZ

Custom made Cold Intake box

Enlarged Throttle Body

Air Intake Piping

Tom's Exhaust Header (2.25 inch)

Tom's Metal Head Gasket

Coby Exhaust Muffler (2.25 inch)

Coby twin exhaust outlet (3 inch)

Fuel Supply

High Capacity Fuel Pump

Trust 300HP Injectors


Better ignition coil

MSD Ignition Controller

TRD HT Leads and Iridium Plugs

I'm still in the dark about the Ignition/Spark controller - could one of the gurus shed more light on this?

TRD also suggested I upgrade the computer to a 5th or 6th Gen and maybe put a custom engine management program onto the chip... some light on this would be good too :)

As you can see I don't care about the look of the car for now PERFORMANCE!! ... that will come later along with uprated brakes and suspension...

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