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Rear Reverse Sensors Problem


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I have an avensis with toyota reverse rear 4 sensors, the one that works with sound.

when you put reverse a beep sounds and tells you that sensors are activated.

I had a body work and since then when I select the reverse I get 6 continuing beeps

and sensors doesnt work as it was !

any ideas ?

maybe, the didnt put each sensor to its proper socket ?

can I reset it ?

Petros B)

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Hi There,

you mentioned that you had body repairs, was the sensors painted? If they were it may be that there is excess paint on the sensors thus not allowing the sensors to sense. I work for a british car dealership and when we sent the cars to the bodyshop for rear end repairs more than 1/2 came back with

the reverse park aid inop. when we scraped some paint off they worked perfect. although we had to have them repainted. we advised the b/shop and have never had one back inop since.........hope this helps

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