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Gearbox And Bodywork Probs?!

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alright, i need help in finding a new gearbox and id like to know where to look to get a decent cheap one, i habve already seen that fensport do one, but id like to keep my options open, does anyone know a great website or place to look, :help:

also im planing on facelifting my starlet sr front to glanza spek but i almost had a hart attack when i got some silly quotes form toyota. does anyone know where i could get a new shape glanza bumper at a cheaper price, any hwlp plz :help::help::help::help::help:

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first off the gearbox,why not try a jap breakers.

secondly the glanza bodykit is very expensive no matter were you go,my glanza was rearended on new years eve with a total of £4000+ damage most of it was bodykit,backbumper was £480 and another £200 to get it sprayed metallic black.

why not just go out and buy a glanza v,you'll have the kit you want and a turbo,problem sorted,but haveing that bonnet on a na car you'll look mental every time someone ask's you "is that a turbo?" and you say "no" :blink:

anyway good luck with your search for parts :thumbsup:

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ID LUV to buy a glanza v but im already payin £1700 inisurance on my sr, so insurance would be out of the question,

my starlet looks tuff from every angle bar the front. all i want to do is make the rfront end of ma mota look alot more menacing, r there any decent aftermarket front bumpers available that u know of?

or do u know another way of helping me achieve my goal??

as for the gearbox, i stay in scotland and japanies brakers r thin on the ground, what other way could i hunt for a gearbox???

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I like the evo style bumper but it has got allot of mesh in it so if it were me i'd be careful what colour mesh i used depending on the colour of the car.

It should fit your sr with no problems as it's designed for a standard starlet and not a Glanza.

Simon :thumbsup:

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