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John R

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Ah but two wongs doesn't make a right ! :thumbsup:

Damn you destroyed my joke :crybaby:

I was waiting for someone to bring up a colour reference, hence me asking what colour it was going to be sprayed above (hoping it was white), then I was going to warn them that they have no chance in doing it, as some chinese guy told me "two wongs dont make-a white"


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I ain't seen that many I really like for the MR2 to be honest........

Certainly not alloy ones.....I haven't seen one yet on a 2 that looks decent.......

There are a few universal ones here......most look s :censor: t tho'

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lol... funny thread so far... :D

now... about my wong....

It's currently sitting in my attic just freshly painted red. It's a genuine Autopista rear "wong" from Japan.

Not too sure if I will sell ot or not yet... it depends on what mood I'm in when I finally get the other parts I'm waiting on... ( which reminds me to order the bomex nose and those front splitters! ).

If I don't use it.. it's a rev1 red colour. If I do use it and sell it a month or so later, then it will be Super Red II in colour. Like I said tho.. not sure yet.

Russ..... you're desperate to get your hands on this aren't you mate? ?? .. lol

I don't want to give you it tho if I'm using it, as others will have it too.... then potentially too many people... then I'll get annoyed and get something else anyway.

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