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Uprating The Brakes Usin Oe Parts

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There is more to brakes than mixing and matching components.

There are a number of calculations to do to make sure that what you fit will work.


decent pads

decent brake fluid

braided brake hoses

and if necessary, grooved or crossdrilled disks.

will make a substantial difference to the car.

Learning how to brake - using the engine to aid braking, cadence braking etc will help you get more out of the standard brakes as well.

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I do know this, but to some degree the more pistons the calliper has the better it is at clamping onto the disc, the same goes for a bigger contact area does it not :huh:

i use greenstuff pads and there is a marked difference over normal oe pads.

to my understanding two piston callipers off a larger heavier car(corrola) should be better than my single piston callipers,

plz correct me if im wrong. :)

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I've heard of people using AE11 twin pots and the discs but these need sourcing from Japna and the whole lot s/h calipers new pads and skimmed s/h discs comes to about £400 :blink:

If you have the same brakes as the Glanza then you deffo won't really need them dave is running 270 bhp in his EP82 on pagid pads, better fluid and 3G disks and can lock his wheels at 70mph if needed.


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