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Toyota 'will'?


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Be nice to pop down to Toyota and have some sporty quick cars to choose from ..

Toyota UK don't seem to have any now days .. what will they bring out to compeate with the following?

New Audi TT

Porsche Boxter



VX220 Turbo

At one point they have the MR2 Turbo, the GT4, the Supra - all Turbo'ed and nutterish .. and then NA versions of the above .. and now Toyota have a mild MR2 ..

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good points m8

they do some strange things Toyota :(

i'm sure the MR2 is a nice drive, but it's begging for more power.

there's nothing that can rival that list, CTS is top of the pile in terms of power and it's not anything to set the pants on fire by any means :!Removed!:

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Thats a mad looking car love the looks of it :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Just had a look in the trader shame there all auto's

Yea I thought that, also it looks really impressive from the front but the back let's it down a little, still seriously different though!

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I think it's about time that ToyotaUK sorted us out with some proper engines!

Turbo Tsport Yaris

Turbo CTS

or supercharged I don't mind...

or at least offer the Turbo's/SC's to their UK customers so they're readily available!!!

The Supra does need to come back, I reckon at about 30k for the super supra top end model. To really put the frightners on the 350z, well... bm's and porsche as well. :lol:

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