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So, yeah... it is now time to fix the mkii. However, I need parts! I live in the states, and there is only 1 mkii remotely near by, and it's a day's drive away. I don't feel like getting it for $1200 and then shelling out the dough to actually fix the supra. So i need the front (I was told the bumper and front thing is basically one big piece... doesn't matter, it all needs to be replaced), front right lights, and the hood. In case you are not aware, the 1985 supra is horribly unbalenced, weight wise, and I was wondering (since i have to replace it one way or the other): would it be possible to get a graphite/carbon hood for it? I severely doubt it... but if you could help me out on any of this, that would be supra! (sorry for the pun)

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