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Powder Coated Mags


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I had the usual corrosion problem on the Colorado wheels and respraying only lasted about 12 months. I have just had them powder coated and they look good. I bought some chrome wheel nuts from Milner Off Road to finish the effect

Two wheels have been on for 6 weeks and two for 3 weeks so it is too early to say how long they will stay uncorroded.

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Powder coating is just the process. How good it is and how long it might last depends on the type of coating as well as the standard of preparation. Most industrial powder coatings are polyesther based and they arent very tough or UV resistant so you'd be lucky to get a year out of them on a wheel rim. Epoxy based coatings are much tougher but quite difficult to find.

The cheapest and easiest way to refinish alloys is to spray them with 2-pack paint straight onto a sandblasted surface - worked for me anyway

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Actually, Epoxy is horrible to use on wheels. Terrible UV resistance. Polyester or acrylic are the two most common wheel coating chemistries. As long as the wheels are prepared correctly and cured fully, you should be fine. There are a few colors that are less uv resistant then others (candies, neons, and bright colors.) Just my $.02

photos of wheels are at www.cincypowdercoating.com/wheels.html

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