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I Blow you.. and I blow you hehehe :ph34r: good old bad boys

Anyways. Does anyone know how the badges on the AUS sportivo are attached. Are they just the normal stick ons or are they drilled in with holes. I want to remove them but i hope they dont leave marks

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:ph34r: good old bad boys

"You see the :censor: g emotion I'm going through now? That means this s :censor: is serious.."

:lol::lol: I love that film, we could start a thread of quotes... :ph34r: or not... :rolleyes:

As for badges, depends but normally loosing them is best. :thumbsup:

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The only Badge left on my car is the Big T on the hatch lid.. The badges are easy to get off... In my case I just left the car in the sun for an hour... (You could use a heat gun).... Then ever so carefully I stuck a plastic paint spatula under one end.. Then LIFT.. If you dont want to keep the badges then just give a good yank... Clean off any excess backing stuff with mineral turps and a little rubbing.. Then wash the area with your car cleaning stuff and give it a polish..

(No turps wont damage the paint)

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Use dental floss or cat gut... then in a sawing motion cut through the sticky stuff.

It wont damage the car

then pick away at the sticky stuff.. then small bit of turps (small).. then Tcut the marks out... apply wax to protect

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