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Cheap As Chips! Maybe Not


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You know its really great feeling when things go completely tits up and then everything seem to just fall into place :lol:

I've got a new Headlight and a new wing on order and should come to no more than £230! Bargain!

Does anyone know a good body shop near me (Reading) that would spray up (and possible fit) the wing on my car for cash or just cheap?

I had exactly the same thing happen to my 98 GT and the garage i took it to really screwed me over.

£1700! To supply, paint and fit a new headlight and wing!

And it too three months to do!

So im going to try to get it all done as cheap as possible, may just paint it and fit it myself.

Anyway guys it would be great if you could recommend someone/somewhere! :thumbsup:

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