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Glanza V Speedo Converter


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About £ 80, but I don't like them.

Until someone can tell me exactly what information the speedo tells the ECU and what is done with this information, I'm sceptical.

If it's:

Speedo: Oi ECU, we've hit 112mph, throw the switch on the speed limiter

ECU: OK Guv.

Then OK. Its just a speed limiter thing.

But if it's

Speedo: I say ECU old chap, we appear to be doing 120kmh. Would you mind adjusting ignition and fuelling for that speed please

ECU: Tally ho, old bean, glad to help.

Then I'm worried, because if the car thinks its doing 120kmh, because its been confused by a mechanical 'parasite', but its actually doing 120mph, then that can't be good for the engine.

I prefer to fit a recalibrated dial - this way the speedo swings a decent amount to indicate speed, so its easier to glance at and see what speed you're doing, without having to concentrate too long on the dial.

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The speedo cable only gives the information for the speed limiter (its actually a switch that activates a relay limiting the output of the fuel pump).

All the information for the ECU's engine control is done based on the crank speed since the fuel maps etc dont change with speed.

A valid consideration though, is that it can be delimited by cutting a wire to the ECU, but there are more circumstances than speed limit that would warrant to ECU cutting fuel, hence that isnt a good idea!

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ask about on the gt turbo site. i know you can get the covers that go over your dials and dont play about with the ecu. cheaper aswell

Tried that mate, every time that question is asked it just goes round in circles to do with delimiting and never actually saying where to get them from!

I may just change the dials or go for the speedo gearbox converter, havent decided yet. Reckon its gona be a big pain in the ***** to get the dials accurate (which is what the SVA actually looks for), probably more so than a speedo converter and checking it on a rolling road.

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it's a bit of a waste of money,i mean come on it's not that hard to remember the speeds in mph on a kph clock.the money you spend on that could buy something or go towards something else,you'll be looking for later on down the road......

just a thought mind :thumbsup:

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If the car has yet to be registered it needs a mph face plate to pass the SVA test, which is a load of beaurocratic clap trap designed to bring a certain level of standards to kit cars and to protect the european car industry from cheap foreign imports.

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