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Nebie With Quick Question....


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Firstly hello!

Secondly hopefully getting an mr2 GT T-bar this weekend, and looking to put a decent filter on it. Have a supplier who has some tubby filters going, how much of a be-hatch would it be to fit one to a N/A? are they that different?

Further question: failing the above option, how much am i looking at for a new one roughly?

Cheers in advance,


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personally would recommend an APexi induction kit, can be had new for £105 ish so would recommend new, as for how difficult to fit....

if you have a reasonable amount of common sense, have a minial tool kit *screw drivers mainly you should be able to fit it in approx 15-20 mins....

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Apexiwould be my first choice too, they were the best for the sx (god rest its soul)

Is the turbo filter the same as the N/a one though? and if not how difficult would it be to retofit one?

Dan - looking forward to getting one and meeting some new peeps...good to see your using your sig ;)

Rhaines - we met at trax, dont know if you remember, red 200sx S14a parked next to you on the stand!

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