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Just Back From A Service And.....


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one of their mates was playing with a toy car near the track rod end...

he was making car sounds from his mouth like a child does whilst standing next to the tack rod end. :lol::lol::lol:

means they giggled the rod and it has movement in it

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worst case one of your wheels would be unsteerable.

if it was dire he would have said FFS dont drive it.

but I would get it sorted ASAP pal


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Means that you may need a new track rod soon. I can't remember if these have bushes or not. If so you may be able to replace the bush (if it is replacable). The track rod is part of the steering system. With play, the steering will not be a precise as it should. A lot of play is dangerous. A little is fine, just monitor it.

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The track rod end is a small ball joint that screws on each end of the seering rack & joins the rack to the stub axle. Like any moving joint, over time they wear out causing "play" in the steering joints. Giving less precise movement when you turn the wheel.


Looks pretty much like this, although this one is from a Mazda MX5

From memory they were about £60+vat on the SW20 MR2

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