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Carina Gti Sound System


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Hi Guys, sorry for this lengthy post.

I'm after the double layer CD controller/Casette/Radio & CD changer which wasfited as an option to the Carina GTi. I'd assume it was fitted in other models too. I wish to fit this in my 1990 Carina II, and i need some CD, ut dont want to insult the car with aftermarket units.

Does anyone have any information on the above, or know where i can obtain one from?


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Hello matey!

Yep the Avensis double din unit would be rather nice, but isn't a brilliant stereo. However it is a sony and standard fit in them.

There is however a similar model available with a higher spec from Scenic car audio.

This is also a sony double din unit.


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thanks for takining time to reply guys..

THe thing is, its specifically the toyota unit that i want, a friend used to have one in his carina GTi and is now oin his MR2 (says toyta on the tape flap like) They have a seperate CD changer too, i wont have anything less for my car

is there any carina GTi gys out there who can shed any light on this?

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