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A Good Week


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Well we had a wonderful week. Nah nah to those of you who had the opportunity over the last year to join us ( :D ) ...only jokin!!!

Seriously the drinkin was great :cheers:

We saw some wonderful sights :driving:

erm..... we didnt get drunk..... :drunk:

:chef: We had some wonderful food - not least of which were some fab bbq s

n the company was great :hug:

Really wish you could have been there!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Love the photos, was last in Cornwall 20 years ago and loved it. Was allways going to go back

but as usual never got round to it. May have to twist her indoors arm a bit :D



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Sorry we couldn't make it this year Les/Anne. I did reply to your pm but not sure if you got it. We had to stay local due to my fathers ill health so went to Tenby (Pembroke) a few weeks ago and it poured down with rain the whole time turning the field into a swamp!!

Looks like you had great weather and got to see the sunset this time. I wish we could have been there :(

Maybe next year. All the best Gareth and family.

p.s. my daughters saw these photos and have fond memories of you. They enjoyed the trip in your car with "the funny man" and promise not to take their lollies in your car next time :huh:

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Nice photos Les :thumbsup:

You clearly cracked in with the good weather B)

A friend of mine was there for the preceeding two weeks and she had nice weather but maybe not as good as you had it. I hope you feel decidedly relaxed :)

I've got to wait another three weeks for my holiday, it can't come quickly enough :huh:

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