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Yaris Trd Strur Brace


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How much have peeps paid for their TRD strut braces?

I am hoping to get one before xmas, or soon afterwards. But the prices i have had back from suppliers are crap, they seem to be adding 20% and then taking 10% back off again for gold members discount :ffs:

so far the best price i have is £220 inc VAT and P&P.

If you got a gold discount could you PM me the details please.


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I have just been compiling my expenditure list on parts :o :eek: (just got back up from the shock of it) and what i have written down for my strut is 230 that includes p&p

You will be lucky to get it b4 Christmas. Paul ordered mine last December and it was finally delivered in April of this year.

Was supposed to be a Christmas pressie but ended up as a bithday pressie

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Jaxx, is that oli's old one?

have you fitted it yet, Macca said Oli had a few problems getting the sparco one on.

Favoring OMP at the moment, for £120 i can get all three strut bars :) thats before any gold discount :thumbsup:

it is yes

not fitted yet and yes its a !Removed! to fit i found that when doing my front shocks.

need to dismantle the whole scuttle panel and wipers :angry:


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