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Paseo / Starlet / Sera Rear Brake Disc Conversion

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how high does the 5e-fhe rev?

is it a straight forward swap for the 4e-fe in my starlet?

i hav been offered one with ecu, and loom for £500 is that too much?

would u imagine there being any complications? i was thinking because it was an automaitc it cant be done, im i wrong?

plz help :help:

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The 5E-FHE redlines at 7400rpm although there is no need to go that high...

If your Starlet has an E series engine it should fit quite easily.

Peak power 108bhp @ 6400 rpm

Peak torque 97 lb ft @ 5200 rpm

Capacity 1496cc (still cheap road tax)

Have you had an insurance quote for this?

If the engine is out of an automatic, and you're putting it in a manual, you'll need a manual flywheel. I don't know if the bolting pattern for ordinary Starlet flywheel is the same. You may need to use the 5E-FHE clutch.

I don't have any engines for sale, but I have a 5E-FHE flywheel, manual gearbox, any number of ECU's and clutches available.

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iv had a reasnable quote from the insurers for this conversion.

if possible id like to stick with my gearbox and clutch because

A)they r brand new and

B)will it not have shorter gear ratios than a sera box,

am i correct in the latter?

does the rev limmiter cut in at 7400 on a5e-fhe engine?

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If you want to stick with your clutch and gearbox you may have to have your flywheel re-drilled. Certainly true for Starlet turbos running 5E crank for extra capacity.

It depends what ratios are in the standard Starlet box.

The rev counter is redlined at 7400. I don't think theres a rev limiter as such. Only an idiot drives that far over peak torque and peak power.

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I'm 29.

I work for a company specialising in Lancias, primarily those from the 1950's to 1970's.

We do spare parts which we export all over the world, but also have full workshops and tackle things from competition preparation to a full restoration to Pebble Beach or Louis Vuitton Concours standards.

The Seras are a bit of a sideline, but someones got to look after them, and it may as well be me.


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