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My New Suspension Sagging On One Side

pizza boy

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Im really concerened about this problem thats cropped up. I have brand new Bilstien shocks on the rear and brand new springs all round too. My drop isnt silly only 20mm lower than stock. I was told by the garage that fitted them that it needs to 'settle' (ive researched the internet and found this is the true so at least they arent talking bollards there...maybe). So my dilemma is...why have the other 3 corners settled and my drivers side rear has only dropped like 7mm? (its been a month)

I should also point out the garage that fitted them initially fitted the springs upside down into the shocks before I pointed it out (the car fortunately was still off the ground) could this have caused damage as id expect since these springs are coiled progressivley fitting them in upside down would have required some amount of force on the 'inserts'? (I was told by others it wouldnt seeing as the car didnt hit the ground. Could that be wrong?)

Also the corner in question was always slightly 'out' toe-in wise (camber is ok was gonna get geometry corrected by toyota after the suspension was fittted) would this cause problems in the way the springs are sitting?

The springs and shocks were all purchased by Fensport so its not cheap stuff. Is it possible they are faulty? OR has the garaged screwed up somewhere?

I will really really appriciate if anyone can shed light on this Help me out guys!.


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Phoned fensport they are telling me if this problem occurs you will have to switch the rear springs around :ffs: . If it persists they are faulty. Oh well at leats I know I can do something about it. Going to have to spin a complaint about the garages job(gonna blame it on the upside down springs incident) and act all angry so theyll do it for free. Youll be amazed at what a very angry customer can achieve lol

hmm...this thread looks a bit 'jimladdish' what with me be the only one talking :lol::lol::lol:

Only kiddin jimlad..well at least im building up my post count again :bye:

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