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id like to know where to look and how much it would cost to buy a 5e-fhe and all the parts to put into my starlet, with a 4e engine.

how high does the 5e-fhe rev?

will the gearbox and clutch go straght in?.

as much as id like, i deffinatly can afford the turbo.

is anyone sellin a 5e-fhe :help:

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where would be the best place to look for this engine, im gaggin to find one :help::help:

buy a Sera or Cynos. They'll have one.

I've got a Sera arriving for parts tomorrow. Engine fine. However, someone is already in line for the engine.

I also know of another Sera with engine failure.

Earlier in the year I had three spare engines... Subject to supply and demand...

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Depends what condition the engine is in. Between £ 300 and £ 600 would be fair.

They're different automatic to manual as well. You'll also need to make sure that you get the coil and ignitor, some of the bulkhead pressure sensors.

You may need to get your flywheel redrilled (and balanced afterwards) because the 5E apparently has a different flywheel bolting arrangement to the 4E.

For ease of install I would suggest buying the 5E-FHE engine together with flywheel, clutch and manual gearbox and then you know you won't have any problems.


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