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G6r Lip Spoiler


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i've been looking at corollaclub.nl and a lot of people have kept the original bumper but got a lower front skirt/splitter type thing in a black plastic. i was wondering if they are available in the UK and if so, would i be able to track one down from my local toyota dealer or will they charge me an absolute ton for the privilege of buying it from them?



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I think that spoiler was also used on the G6 as well as the G6R.

When I've tried to get stuff from my local dealer they always want a chassis number and trim number before they will start to look for it. I had this problem when I wanted to change the gear stick gator for the one from a G6 - luckily there is guy who works with me that gave me his codes. That was before I found TOC so I guess it would be much easier now.

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I know it may not be the same, but I have a colour coded "bolt on" splitter on my Avensis. This was fitted by toyota as part of an "aerodynamics pack" before I bought the car, so I can't tell you more about it. I don't think it makes my car any better though <_< I do like the grill that is fitted though (mesh, rather than the bog standard plastic strip affair :P )

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On the G6R they were colour coded to the paint colour - red or black, but I think that on the G6 they were always black.

Thats right. On the smaller engine G6 they were left black and on the G6R as mine are colour coded. As your car is black you wouldnt have that problem anyhow.

If you are that keen for G6R parts just go in to your local showroom and be up front and frank with the parts guy and say this is what you want. Print some pictures off of cars in gallery's etc and any pats man who knows his stuff can find the parts. :thumbsup:

Or at the next meet that I get to with my rolla and your about. You more than welcome to crawl all over mine for codes etc :D

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