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Mr2 Turbo Maintainance Costs?


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Hi all.

I really want to buy an MR2 Turbo, love the look of the car, love the drive, but what about maintainance?

I'm just worried that because it's MR, things are going to be difficult to fix/get at and it will end up costing me an arm and a leg!

How difficult is it to fix things on the engine? Also, what frequently goes wrong, what should I expect to happen to say a 60k engine?



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The maintenance is about twice that of an NA for day to day running ..

£35 quid to fill the tank and it does 210 miles.

Oil change every 3500 miles (about 50 notes from a garage).

The rest of the servicing is pretty normal .. replace the bits as they wear out.

My NA cost me about £1500 in maintenace in a year ..

My Turbo has cost me £3000 in 18 months .. but that cause I seem to upgrade stuff at the same time.

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The most expensive part is fuel and insurance

Hells yea hehe! :ph34r:

The price for parts is the same for any high performance car...expensive. BUT as for labour costs for the unfortunate mechanic...double or even triple for the equivilent for a front engined car (im talking clutch replacement and the dreaded timing belt...a good 250+ odd for labour) For the list of possible problems your better off visiting this site

Bens MR2 Turbo site

Its a brilliant site for peeps who need info on buying a turbo covers virtually every possible problem.

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For the VFM and Performance the MR2 Turbo is cheap as chips to run and service... it really is a special car.

As for reliability, *****, its still a Toyota after all :yes:

Also in MR2 Turbo guise the 3S-GTE Engine is actually pretty much 'detuned'. buy a later Rev3 model (cars from December 93+ onwards) and you also be graced by even better reliability with standard fit items like a Steel Head Gasket. Most problems tend to be from bad tuning. Also the distributer caps and rotor arms (along with tyres) are definately very much consumables!


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