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Should I Or Shouldn't I?


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Umm...hard decision, cos the only MAIN differences between levin and sportivo would be the engine, so basically if you trade in ur car for a sportivo, the difference in money is paying for the engine.

How much do you think you can trade ur car for ?

If it was me, and i was in ur situation, I wouldnt want the same car again. But then the sportivo is such a fun car to drive. I havnt drove my for like 1 week already, cant wait to take it for a spin next week when my car audio is installed.. :)

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I wrestled with a similiar problem. Needed a second car & the wife wanted a 4 door. She was looking at the corolla accent. I checked out the stivo and took it for a drive. Initially was not that impressed with how it went and was not looking to spend 30K.

Then I found this chat site. After spending weeks reading peoples views on the stivo I decided to do it.

I cannot thank those guys enough.

What a F :censor: ing car!!!!

It has been one of my best decisions I've made. You cannot slap the smile off my face every time I drive it. All I had to do was learn to drive it properly as it is a car that needs to be driven. And when you do.... Man does it reward you :D :D :D

My wife and I are actually considering trading our other car for another one, for her. She has also discovered just how much fun these cars are to drive.

I was with Illuminati when he sampled the stivo for the first time last week and his smile was bigger than mine!

If you can stretch to afford it I say do it. Life was after all supposed to be FUN.... And with this car it's a blast :thumbsup:

Cheers mate

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the only MAIN differences between levin and sportivo would be the engine

. . the extra 41kw makes one helluva difference!

plus don't forget the 6 speed gearbox, and 16" alloys, and leather trim, and climate air, and 6 stack CD,

and sports exhaust, and sports suspension, and bigger brakes - it all counts when you're making a decision.

Add up the cost to option up a Levin to these specs. Makes the Sportivo seem VERY cheap.

There is nothing else around at the moment for the price. Trade in now before the Levins start to be


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