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Toyota Sprint Series......please Take A Look


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I hope its ok to post this here as we thought a few members would be interested in our new race series for next year and our preview event this 0ct 20th.


Dear Toyota Enthusiast,

We are currently developing a new and exciting championship called

Toyota Sprint Series.

Our first event is at Barkston Heath in Lincolnshire on the 20th October, and we would like to invite you to compete or spectate.

This is a one off event this year which will lead to a multiple round championship in 2008.

The Toyota Sprint Series has been formed out of obsession for Toyota cars and motor sport by Barry Cross and Adrian Smith who share the same passion. By teaming up with track day expert’s Javelin, a professional team has been formed to bring you the enthusiast an alternative motor sport experience.

The Toyota Sprint Series is designed to be an affordable first step into motor sport for Toyota enthusiasts. It will be designed to be as safe as possible, whilst providing excitement and challenge for drivers of all levels.

Venues will be chosen for their safety and track layouts designed to test the driver/car ability. All runs will be against the clock only.

The series has been designed for people bored with road, drag or track day driving and those who seek a fun and competitive day’s motor sport, with like minded enthusiasts.

It will be open to all Toyota cars old and new, and all drivers irrespective of experience will be made welcome.

It is hoped we can build a new community of driving enthusiasts that will help bring all the Toyota clubs together as well as help those that want to progress in to the magical world of motor sport at an affordable price.

What’s faster MR2, Corolla, Celica, Supra etc……..

Entries are limited and will be on a first come first served basis.

Further information can be found at www.toyota-sprint-series.com/

Yours Sincerely

Adrian Smith

Barry Cross

Toyota Sprint Series.

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Me again guys,

Not much interest here :( , Im sure there are many folks that would like to test there cars and themselves in a safe fun enviroment. Please post up your questions or pop over to the forum for a chat we have secured some interesting Toyotas now and have secured a bit of discount from some dealers for parts. But its the yaris/corolla type we are lacking in and we dont even have a diesel registerd as yet so that class is wide open and I know that the Corolla diesel is a pretty lively car straight out of the box.

I would love some feedback even if its negative as we are still learning and will try to cater for everyone to make this series great for all toyota drivers.

Thanks for reading

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Standard towing eyes are fine as long as they are clear to see. If you have the screw in type then it needs to be in place at the time of your runs incase you need towing from the circuit.

Hope that helps

I'll need to fit some Barry as the standard towing eyes are hard to get to, are these ok as fitted onto Tiggers skyline?


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My girlfriend is booked in using my track car through your IMOC listing of this event. Finances allowing, I'll also book myself in using either our Supercharger or also our track car.

Ken, I will be fitting one of these tow eyes (or similar - may need to get one machined for a MK1 MR2) to our track car as the current (OEM) eyes are not easily accessable either. This type fits over your suspension topmount and the "eye" itself will need to go through the top of the bonnet or wing.


They are available from Driftworks here, but not sure yet if they are "universal" or not:


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Was speaking to Adrian and Barry briefly at Japshow yesterday. We all agree that the Corolla & Yaris peoples aught to show more intrest in this. At the end of the day it's the fun elliment that made us enter.

I am about to enter a second car to make up numbers in Class C - forced induction up to 1600cc

Come on, show us what you got B)

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Was good to meet you yesterday and Im pleased you have chosen to enter another car. we are closing the entries on friday now as we have reached just about full capacity....which is nice.

Can those people who want to come and spectate on the day please visit the link below and follow the instrucions. As the base is MOD we need to know full names and car reg you will also need proof of ID for access to the base.


Kind regards

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Good luck to the TOCers taking part in this event at Beckston Heat today.

I should be there in the afternoon to cheer you on. Anyone else going along to watch?

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Written by my girlfriend:


Just got back from the sprint and am totally knackered.

It was a great event, apart from a few teething issues early on with queues, before everyone got into the swing of how things ran.

The track = narrow and twisty = great for the mk1 :thumbsup:

The day ran as follows:

2 sighting laps in convoy

2 practice untimed runs

6 timed runs (2 before lunch, 4 after)

The initial 2 runs were spread apart, but after lunch you did 2 runs together-ish, with waiting only for one or two cars ahead of you. this worked much better as by the second run we had a bit of warmth in the tyres and brakes. I don't think anything got really hot as the runs are only 1min.

Garrick and I shared our track car (the 'N/Ail'), swapping between every couple of runs.

we had finally found geometry that suited the car and the car ran well. we were however running very heavy on fuel, with half a tank still left at the end!

My times got better from 62.8 on my first run to 59.26 on my last run

The 59.26 won me the group D trophy :D B)

Patrick from Rogue Motorsport won Class C in his race prepped (MR2 Challenge) MKII N/A and also got a trophy for doing the best for the car they have B)

All in all i think the MR2's made people look at them in a different light, considering the cost and power of some of the other cars there, we weren't out-performed.

MK1's were putting in better times than some of the bigger powered GT4's and such like.

(eg. my time would have come 6th in class A2 beating Bansi Patel's 59.62, Celica ST205 GT4 300bhp, and beat A1:David Hardie's 59.64, Celica GT4 ST185, 450bhp, which is quite good really :D )

I would recommend this competition to others for next year - top fun :thumbsup:

I came second in ClassD also getting better times than more than half entered - Not bad for our little 22 year old 1.6 N/A MR2 with 120odd bhp B) :D

Was good seeing PaulT there again B) You got some pretty good times too. I'm well impressed - especially as it's an auto :thumbsup:

What happened to Ken? I didn't see him or his car... :unsure:

All Times:


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Well done Jo and System-G. Very good times indeed from both of you. You were both quicker than everything in your car's class, and quite a few more powerful cars too.

I think I spoke to you at the end, but didn't know you were from TOC.

Few pics for ya; wasn't as close to the action as I'd have liked so they're a bit grainy.




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so annoyed i missed this event, would love to have come and watch only live 5 mins away but only saw post last night hope u all had a great day and hope i get chance again to come and watch ya maybe also suggestion for a class F - 1litre aygos that just want a good larf...lol

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Yeah, was a really good day out! Was a smart choice of track to give the less powerful cars a good chance of success but I need to have a chat with Adrian and Bazza about some long straights next time :lol:

Had a good laugh competing against Dave in the really nice Aristo Vertex. I think our cars together probably weighed as much as four or five little 'uns :P


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It was a great day :) if anyone is nervous (like I was) about entering their car for an event, then this is the series for you :)

Laid back, friendly, and an opportunity to give it death in a safe and controlled environment- with minimal wear and tear on the car. !Removed! perfect :)

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Another TOCer that was there; I didn't know so many were taking part. We should try to have a stand at one of these events next year.

PS - saw some of your runs Dan - very tidy and not that much difference in times considering one or two of the top cars were running four times as much hp.


I have got pics of you going round that last bend too, but I was just too far away for them to be any good unfortunately.

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Some nice photos there T600 :thumbsup:

Paul, I think you did extremely well in that very cool, war-scar baring (Nur scars), autotragic, tub of lard ( :P :D just jesting - love the soarers :thumbsup: ) you had there :thumbsup: Not bad by any means at all B)

Speaking to Adrian & Barry at the end of the day, I think next year will see a number of different sprint circuits for the entire series. There should be at least one (if not more) with longer straights for the turbo nutter barges. Unfortunately, sprint circuits do tend to be tight and twisty making it an even playing field for cars of all power - bringing it down to driving/driver's ability.

But we've seen it all too often on propper race circuits where we don't have any advantage on the longer straights, but get us into the twisties, and we'll catch up and be pasted all over their rear end :D

Bring on next year. Jo & I will be there to kick some more 300+bhp butt in our 120bhp N/Ail :toast:

We have already been aproached by someone offering sponsorship B)

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Garrick - you did very well for your 122 horses - but like you say on the tighter tracks it's down to driver skill.

PaulT would have loved to see the Soarer doing it's stuff.

It's a shame I wasn't able to get to the circuit - I'd just got back from holiday in Florida and even now I'm jetlagged. I'm looking forward to attending some of these meets next year at least with my camera if not on the track with the rolla.

We will have to get TOC meets organised for next years sprint series - it looks like serious fun.

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