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Hi everyone! - I have been reading these forums for sometime now, although only as a student..... Now I have finished uni and have a job! Hurrah! I might even be able to afford the car I have been saving up for! Double Hurrah! I live in the North of england and I'm trying to get hold of a second hand GT4 (st205) and what a pain! Talk about not many about! The ones that are around are all 250miles away in Milton Keynes or London, Doh!

A long way to travel to find the car I want but I really want a good one. My experience so far with my two Tototas has been excellent and now i want something a bit quicker!

Anyway, what things should I be on the look out for when examing these second hand ones and hence avoiding anykind of expensive turbo rebuilds etc.

Sorry if this has been asked before (which I'm sure it will have) but as I say I'm new to this and it will be my first proper Toyota (I also have a Carina and Starlet 1.3i) so any advice about anything would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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Your right in that most GT4's are down here in the south, unfortunately a little travel is always involved in finding a nice one. I live in reading and got my one from an importers 70miles away on the other side of london :lol:

I've checked lots of companies out and have found the cheapest 3rd party and fully comp companies.

Adrian Flux for 3rd Party

Admiral for Full Comp

Im 21, 2 years no claims, no convictions, no accidents in the past 3 years. Told them about every modification i have, i live in a low crime area and put it in a garage (apparently ;) ).

I've insured the car for £9000 full comp and its costing me £1800 but thats because its an import mostly. The same policy on a UK car is £1500. But with the imports you benefit from cooler toys and more bhp.

And before UK GT4 owners slag me off saying the BHP diffrence is only because the japs use 100ron fuel.......ITS NOT THE FUEL :ffs: how can you get 16bhp from only another 5ron!? :lol:

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Hahah - I think I'll steer clear of the Imports for the moment thank you! But cheers for the insurace guy I'll check it out. I am definately going to travel though as I want this car to be a good'n that'll hopefully last a few years!

Thanks for the help. :thumbsup:

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