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Now Considering This Kit


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15k........I bet a big chunk of that went on those split rims !! The car in the link I posted has 1 piece wheels that look fine to me......

I reckon I could build a car that looks like that for 5k......obviously not including the car....

Hmmmm bring on the redundancy money next year !!!

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I agree, I love the curves of the Veilside....

I like the wide arches on the TRD but I don't like the side air intakes, to me it looks dated.

If you want wide arches AND the veilside kit, consider something like this;


If you've got a couple of bob to spare  :drool:

For examples of other kits.... Bodykit Gallery

AAAARRRRHHHH sorry mate but that is horrible.........

This is more like it :thumbsup:

Could have done something with those old lights tho'


Oh aye ! :thumbsup:

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