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Old Celica Engines - Interesting But Pointless


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I just thought to myself a few moments ago about where the 3s-ge/gte originated from.

I.e. 2s-xx and maybe even the 1s-xx

I mean they have got to have existed to get to the engine we have today, so i had a look.

Useless information i found on the net but i thought id share it

the 2s-ge/fe was an 8-valve engine with a single overhead cam, i think it was 2000cc like the 3s but with half of valves missing.

the 1S-FE was a 1800cc engine used in the Carina II st150, i assume this was an 8 valve engine also

the thing i cant believe is i never heard of the 2s-gte! all i can gather is it was similar to the revision 1 3s-gte but with 8 valves and one single overhead cam

Now there is a few sites which mention a 4s-gte, got no idea what this is but assume some sort or toyota prototype.

And then there is the 5s-gte 2200cc which i think toyota never bothered building, there seems to be some americans with the engine but i think they have all built it themselves.

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This site has lots of toyota engines listed, including the S series:


The 4s is a 1.8L and the 5s 2.2L. Both are derivatives of the 3s, and both were only available with the FE head (FE = economy, GE = sport). The 4s is reduced bore, and the 5s is increased stroke over the 3s. Neither were made into turbo engines.

The 2s is different bore / stroke ratio to the 3s, and was never made in turbo config.

It is possible to combine a 3s-ge with a 5s-fe to get a 2.2L engine with a GE head, and the same can be done to stroke a 3s-gte out to 2.2L. :)

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