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:help: please can anyone help, my wife has a jap import Rav4. some controls are still not known as we cant find a manual. what is the red button next to the auto gear stick, and what are the two dash switches that light up with ECT-S MANUAL or ECT-S POWER any help would be appreciated.


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Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but the labels you mention sound a lot like the one's on a friend of mine's 88 Supercharger Mk1. The two ETC switches sound like the mode selectors for the auto box.

ECT - Power should cause the engine to shift at a higher point in the rev range (just like taking your car nearer the redline before shifting manually).

The ECT - Manual mode is a little different. If you press the ETC - Manual mode you should be able to drive it almost like a manual 4-speed using the gear stick as a selector (like a clutchless system). The sequence on the charged mk1 is 1st, 2nd, drive and overdrive (if I remember right, this could just be the way my friend drives.....).

Could the red switch be the economy mode on the auto box? Moves the gear shift lower in the rev range to save you more fuel? Don't know if the Rav4 has that feature though.

Hope this helped and apologies in advance if I've got all of this wrong or if none of it applies to the box in the Rav4

Alun J

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