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Onderground Kits?


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The tax from Canada is already taken care of, all we should have to pay for is the UK import duty tax + VAT.

So in my case...


+ UK Import Duty @10%

= £643.5

+ Vat @ 17.5%

= 756.11 (approx.)

Is that the correct figure?

If it is then it's not too bad for a bodykit...

Still it's uncalled for :ffs:

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Yeh that's what i figured bud. Same thing for the shipping. The price included it 2 London, then i gotta pay more to wherever.

On a side not as far as fitting and painting goes check this out:


I fired off an e-mail concerning fitting (off that FURY kit) and respray to his guy, and he said they'd charge 1300 + paint cost.

I replied asking for the paint cost for gloss black, and a flip jobby like the one they've done. Worksmanship looks pretty good to me :)

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Black flipped with what?

I was thinking black/silver but it wouldn't be very noticable... the alternative was cool blue/ice blue: which would have been nice.

Sorry guess i typed it out wrong i meant 2 price quotes.

1. black gloss standalone,


2. A flip paint job as an exmaple quote the same as they did to that car.

I'd probably end up going dark blue/purple or... if i wanna look striking orange & red, hehe

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"Rage Illusion paint is expensive, for 3 litres it works out at £1000 taking the overall cost of fitting the body kit and respraying the car to around £2300 but it does look brilliant when its done."

That's the quote for the flip job, about 2 and a half grand all in.


For a Solid 2 pk colour the paint is £150,

For Metallic its £250,

For Pearlescent its £300

Doesnt seem to bad to me. I wouldnt mind a lustrous pearl, but black is so sexy! haha

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bahh - we think alike mate - i was thinking deep blue - deep purple....

but yeah - a place in southampton down by Stealth exhaust systems quoted me 1200+ paint for a decent job.

if im going kitted route ill make it paint matched to my current car colour first. as cant afford full respray yet.

no i havent ordered the kit, probably be a few months.


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Great minds think alike :group-cuddles:

I was thinking of having that done, but i mite aswell pay a little extra now and have it all done in one go rather than leaving.

My car defo needs a spruce up, there are stone chippings all over it :(


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yeah same as mine mate - got stone chips all over the front bumper..

so im killing 2 birds with one stone if i get the onderground kit, cus i need a new font & back bumper - might as well kit it at the same time.

what was this news you were waiting on mate?

if you dont want to post it here e-mailme on jamesbell41 AT msn DOT com.


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