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When fitting new shocks and springs on a car is it normal for one(or more) side to NOT drop as much as the other corners? Mines is a good 12mm higher in the drivers side rear than the other 3 corners. My bro just got his springs AND new shocks fitted today and guess what...the N/S front is about 12mm off AND so is his Rear O/S. The other two corners have dropped the correct 35mm. The parts were purchased from Fensport so will have to fone them and sort something out.

Do bear in mind ive ran my car on the current setup for 500 odd miles now so the settling in period is waaay over. And I expect my bro will get the same problem with his car now as well as its showing the exact same signs of this annoying problem :(

Has any1 else ever experienced this?

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no no its a perfectly reasonable thing to suggest. They are sitting properly because if they were not.. you would be able to hear it. The set up is silent even in the worst pot holes suggesting the fitment is proper. The only thing I could think of is the actual spring has not been tensioned correctly. Fensport might have been unlucky enough to get a few bad apples in thier batch.

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i dunno if youv sorted it out since the last post - but i was gonna suggest having a look to see if the springs are in the right way up (i know, this will probably raise a few eyebrows lol) - i used to have spax springs on another motor, and i sent her to the garage so they could be fitted but she came back with the same problem youve got- so i had a look - on the side that was higher - the springs were in so the "spax" logo was upside down....got the spring compressors and sorted it out.

hope its something as simple as this though :thumbsup:

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