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Engine Cutting Out On T-sport


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hi, i've recently upgraded my old 1.3 sr yaris to the lovely t-sport. now at first sight of it i was well pleased but as i've had it now for about 6 weeks, its started to cut out :ffs: under engine breaking. my toyota dealers are baffled by it and haven't come across it before. they've changed the throttle body with the pot. inside and it seems to have fixed it. i was wondering if anyone else had heard of this? was also looking to get anew exhuast sys. and ind. kit if anyone knows of a reputable dealers somewhwere??? nice one....

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you were running throttle bodies?

they cant have been tuned properly to stall out the engine under engine breaking. but its wierd, youd have thought that it would have doed when revving too ?? wierd :blink:

go back to the place you got them from and give em an earfull.

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HI There I’ve recently changed my Yaris tsport engine I bled the system fan came on and now the coolant light is flashing red I changed the coolant temperature sensor and now it keeps and cutting out put it on diagnostic and it was showing can sensor and throttle body changed them and same thing but when the diagnostic machine is connected it runs fine as soon as you take it off after a minute it cuts out and the coolant light turns purple any idea what it can be 


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