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Fog Light Question...


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When I first got my car I had the standard fog light switch which operated the front fogs. The place that I got it from installed a second switch which operated the rears independantly.

I got some work done on my car last week and they obviously had to take the fog switches off.. because now it's different.

The stock switch still operates the front, but now the rear switch also switches on the front at the same time as the rears.

I know this is nothing major to be moaning about.... but you should all know me by now... the slightest thing annoys me... lol

Anyone got any ideas how to fix this ? I gather it will be relativley straight forward. Do I need to take the bottom bit of the dash section off to get into the wiring ?

Thanks for any info !!

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My rears come on with my front ones.. why would you want them seperate? Fog lamps are for when its foggy, its never foggy at the front and not at the back  B)  B)

becuase that's the way it was when I got it... also the rear switch now switches both on... but..... it doesn't switch the steering fronts on. Only normal fronts. Plus it annoys me.. I want to change it back !! :crybaby:

Anyone got any ideas ? Or should I just rip the dash to bits and have a fiddle ?.... :D

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