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Cheapest Yaris Service Ever ?


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Just (yesterday Sat 29/11/03) had the Yaris serviced at main Toyota dealer - included a wash after as well - total cost £89.82.

Thought it was a good price - what do you think ?

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To compare, i got the Corolla serviced at a main dealer on saturday, 165.00 and didnt even get washed, Needless to say I ignored the sticker on the courtesy car asking me to fill the tank!!!!!!

ps heres a hint, when you take your car for a service make sure the washer bottle is brimming, I filled mine up 4 days befor the service and they still filled and charged me for filling it up with toyota products! (anal or what)

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You know what they always do that annoys me - 'check' the tyre presures - but because the tyres are hot (I've just driven to the dealer) they are getting false readings.

Then I have to put them all back right at home the next day when they have cooled down again :censor:

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