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Rear Clusters/Yaris moddin


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Right where shall i start

The Rear clusters dose anyone know where i can get the blue tinted ones from?

Side repeaters dose anyone know where i can get blue ones of those from?

Do 15" alloys look alright on a yaris when its lowered 40mm (i have a 1.0 gs)?

and one last thing

Dose any one have some 15" alloys that will fit me yaris for sale Please :help::thumbsup:

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well i'm running 15's with 195/50's, it only looks high when it's not loaded/no one in it

drop your car too much and you will find that with 3-4 people you will get wheel rubbage.

i've got Tsport springs waiting to go on but i just can't be ubikd to fit it...

if ur only droppin it say 20mm it would look a bit silly

are you saying that standard tsport yari' look silly?... :huh: cos that's what they run, -20mm with 15inch 50 profile.

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I would add colour coded bumpers to your list of mods if I were u... would improve the looks of the car no end.

The reason I say this is cos' i've not seen a modded yaris that is white... i'm not aware of any white yaris's on the site apart from yours. Would look cooler too :yes:

then i'd go for the loweing & 15inch wheels.. make sure you get some good tires, don't get rubbish like me; i got yokohama s306's and i'm regretting it now in the winter, they're cheap and cheerful but certainly not a lot of fun to drive on, I nearly died cos of them a while back.

I would not go for blue lights with a white car m8... there must be some colours better to suit the scheme? i'd go for just clear clusters at the back, maybe a couple of xenon bulbs here and there for the headlight, sidelights, and side repeaters.

Get yourself a nice alpine headunit, can get a cracking bargain now off the internet... 126quid for a decent alpine, retails for about 200 in shops! my girlfriends brother just got one and installed it today, sounds pretty good even on standard Speakers!

then depending on how boyracerish you want to look/sound you can go for replacement Speakers, add a sub, tint your windows, get a nice backbox, add an inductionkit/air filter..

the one thing I would definitely recomend is that you debadge the rear, it's very easy to do and improves the looks of the yaris no end in my oppinion.

PM me if you want any further advice m8

take care


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i have toyed with the idea of lots of different colour schemes but im goin for blue and chrome

i am colour codin the bumer at the end of the year

i have the springs to lower it

alloys as soon as i find some to buy

Guna put some blue custom graphics down the side ( get them cheap work for a firm who makes them so cut and fitted myself)

getin either a blue tint or a reflective blue tint (we do them to)

Got all my sounds Pioneer md head 6 disc changer 6x9 splx 15" sub 800w legacy amp

just need some door and dash Speakers.

and wwhen i get the cash bout 4 month veilside body kit bout £1000 for the lot i think

then bout 4 month after that maybe a mental turbo or somin like that dont know yet but we will see

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just sell up shop and put the extra money towards a tsport or something, in the long run you're always gonna sell the 1.0... and if u put stuff like a turbo on it no one will want to buy it from u, people don't like to buy modded cars in my experience

when you've done all u want to do with it, sell it and move on!

you can easily spend too much money on a car m8, good luck with urs :thumbsup:

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theres a few white yaris'

one that comes to mind, 1.0, carzone kit.. oh and a turbo conversion. very pretty car,

theres also another one going about the show circuit in white with a big kit on it....

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the best way to remove badges is with fishing line or cotton and put it downward between the Badge and the car DONT WRAP IT ROUND UR FINGERS! USE 2 PENCILS OR SUMIT


i have t sport springs for mine only dun the back so far but it seems lower than 20mm prob cuz ive got a boot build but get them fitted its worth it handlin and looks improve quite alot, i did my rear ones my self only 45 mins a spring old out new in, waitin for more details for doin front ones, and lowerin ur car so mucch that it rubs wen goin ova a grain of sand isnt very practical i'd go lower but only wit 15's but the springs were cheap and i mite get sum rolla t-sport wheels cuz i can get em cheap

lee :thumbsup:

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some picks of my car after it was lowered by 30mm.

the tsport is 20mm lower than standard i think? so mine is about 50mm lower than a normal yaris. The cars got the standard 15" alloys on.

r u sure? The TTE springs are meant for standard yaris, so (in theory) would only lower a tsport 10mm?

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I don't understand why people mod yaris's, there fine the way they are, Toyota have put thousands into developing them and all you guys want to do is ruin them???


i kno some people just cant appreciate a gud car, eh?



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the tsport is 20mm lower than standard i think? so mine is about 50mm lower than a normal yaris. The cars got the standard 15" alloys on.

The springs only drop a standard Yaris 30mm, not the T-Sport which as you said already runs 20mm lower.The total drop on a T-sport is still only 30mm I believe.


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