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Carina 11 Rear Speakers


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Toyota Carina ii 1600 16v 1990. I have recently fitted new hifi and want to fit rear Speakers in the empty speaker pods. what is the existing connector plug for in the right-side speaker pod and if it is for speaker connection, does anyone know why there are only 2 wires and not the 4 wires I expected to find ie 2 for each channel? If wiring needs to be installed does anyone know how to connect these to the plug at rear of hifi unit. Cheers Max

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In some cases, the manufacturer or a retro fitter may have used the old idea of using the car's chassis as a signal ground for the loudspeakers. If you have a newer system installed, using this method will fry the transistor output stage of the amplifier, as they are normally designed to have an independant return. This allows for amps to run in modes that allow for front to rear fading and bridging.

I would run two pairs of new good quality cable from the output of the amplifier to the rear. If you can work out what the four speaker cables from the multi plug, you can use a spade and receptacle or male and female bullet connectors. I wouldn't use "choc-block" or scotchloks, as the connections are not good enough. Whatever you do, don't shourt the spearker outputs together, it will kill the amplifier in milliseconds flat, and then if the output stage goes short and passes pure DC though the speaker cables, bye bye your new Speakers. Make sure that the phase of the Speakers is correct. Both the positives and negatives on the corresponding terminals of the Speakers. If you get it wrong, your stereo image will not be in the centre of the car.

Hope it helps!

Tivoli Pete.


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