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Aygo Decals

Demonic Angel

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I quite fancy AYGOart1_big.jpg but just not sure how it'd look on the Blue but certainly looks stunning on the Black...

And yes James, I understand they cost money.... as does cat food but I'm not about to get rid of the precious ones.... :lol: ;)

Yehhh I get you, know what you mean, shame they havent come up with decals that compliment the different colours of the Aygo ... maybe icey blue flower would look good on your Aygo blue or even yellow, but the red would kinda look outta place I think ...

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As far as a set of decals go, £115 is a good price IMHO. You would also need to budget for somebody putting them on, not a 5 minute job, and certainly something that must be done by somebody who knows what there doing! Having your lovely decals full of bubbles is not something you want

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Not my taste and I wouldn't buy a used one with the decals on but hey if you like them go for it !

Personally I would use the money to change the rear wiper blade, aerial, headlight and indi bulbs, install boot lights, K&N filter, dash slip mat and a decent iPod aux input lead.

If you do go for it let us see !

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