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G6r Cololla Genuine?

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Alright hows it going im new here, but i am very close to purchesing a 1999 G6r, and was just wondering if anyone would have tips on what to look out for, common faults, areas prone to rust etc..... i was also wondering what parts are unique to the g6r so i can check it out to make sure it is the genuine article.

any help would be great, many thanks mike.

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if it has the 1.6l engine (4A-FE engine code) and a six speed gearbox then it's definately a G6R, the bodykit is unique to the G6r; as in sports fronts bumper side skirts and the bonnet is (or should be) made from aluminium. :lol: also it has 15 inch alloys where as all other models either have steelies or 14 inch alloys, can't think of any common faults or rust prone spots, quite reliable like that

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If you get the cars chassis number you could try ringing Toyota GB & ask them what car they have it listed as. I would think they would know.

I once rang Honda about a motorbike to find out wether it was a import or not & they were helpful.



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G6rs, also have front and rear g6r badges and i think they also have red seatbelts.

don't know about the seatbelts but i forgot to mention that they were the only 3dr frog eyes to come with rear disc brakes as standard too

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Thanks guy, that was really helpfull.. :D jst thought id ask yous guys because im sure yous know a lot more about these cars than me! I will keep yous informed anyway if i get the car i was looking at and if all goes to plan i will get a few pics up soon.

cheers mike.

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