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Another Hopefully Easy Question.....


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Right, problem is basically my speedo only goes up to 110, im guessing thecar is capable of going faster, and also guessing its limited to 112 or what ever boring speed the !Removed! like....


How easy is it to get it de-limited and the clocks re-cal'd to different dials(same dials different faces - lockwood stylee pour example) with a higher top endon em....think most are either 160/180 IIRC.

Someone must have done this and know the answer......plus any ideas of cost involved.

cheers :help:

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very easy !!

Get a little convertor that goes inline with the speedo cable. This will automatically change your speedo to MPH... no need to change your dials... 30KPH will now be 30MPH.. It will also change your total Kilometerage (lol), to mileage.

Depending on year, I think you will need a certain one. ( cable driven speedo, electronic speedo ).

As to where you can get these from... dunno.

This was done to my car when I imported it. I think you're maybe looking at £50 second hand.

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Not too difficult for Rev 1 MR2 (G- J ish) - as Jimlad says a mechanicle device can be fitted that will change the garing of the speedo.

Harder for Rev2's onwards due to the electronic speedo. To remove the speed limiter, you need to install a device that cons both the speedo and the ECU into believing that the car is going slower than it is (converts KM's to MPH too by changing the signal sent...). However, unfortunately, this can mess up the powersteering. Since it is electronic, the incorrect speed reading will cause the power assistance to drop off too slowly.... meaning lighter steering at higher speeds than normal. The only real way is to reprogram the ECU using something like a Uni Chip. Unfortunately this is around £550 fitted but if you have a turbo, you will get better performance and fuel consumption (Jap Turbo cars tend to overfuel as standard).

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it most probably hasn't been converted to miles ( I might be wrong ).

It is possible that the speedo dial has simply had a different face put on it. What have you got on your dial ?? 110mph as max reading ?

Yeh max is 110....wet out in it last night to try and work out what it was reading, pretty sure its miles.....was about 1.8 miles to work which sounds right......

Flippin rear plate went awol this morning :ffs:

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