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Good evening all!

From this day forth (many thanks to steve) i am official gt4_wrc no more.

My new username is Leeky

Which is my nick-name.

So if i strike up a conversation you know who i am :lol:

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Ello matey!!!!! ;)

where in reading are you??? can't be far :P

Just round the corner from the Toyota Garage in Reading.

Where you in Henley?

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The reason i chose GT4_WRC in the first place was that i bought what i thought was a gt4 wrc although it ended up being a normal gt4 :angry::lol:

Anyway it dawned on me that if i get another car the name has no relevance any longer.

Anyway Leeky is my nick name that everyone uses so i thought it would be a good decision to use that. :lol:

Also i have scheduled the GT4 in the Autotrader for January! :crybaby:

Im probably being really petty but its not the same car after its been damaged, so im selling up and going UK Supra Twin Turbo hunting!

Already sorted out the insurance, as long as i change my import GT4 for a UK Supra there is roughly no diffrence in price! :D

This way i stay in the club and i have a nice change :lol:

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Im a regular now, although i missed the last one because i had half the exhaust system missing :lol:

They are usually the first Tuesday of the Month, but i havent heard anything about one tomorrow so i assume its next tuesday as last month was.

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I'll probably have my new brakes on by then :) slightyly larger, cross drilled and vented all round with fensport/pagid pads :D and rebuilt calipers all round :)

then I wanna change my gearbox soon too :P got one lying in my shed.. just need a pit/ramp to fit it :|

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Because Optimus Prime really would be sad. :D

Until the Supra comes i thought i'd use something else for a Avatar.

Im really big into Transformers.

Hey im gonna start a thread on it actually!


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