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Yaris Rear Wiper


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is there anyway of making the rear wiper on the yaris intermittent, rather than on all the time. Mine makes a horrible thuddering noise after two wipes which really :censor: :censor: :censor: :censor: :censor: me off.

I don't know why they don't. The Corolla and celica does?

Also another thing was the light in the ash tray? it would cost £1? If you don't smoke you wouldn't even know.

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And . . . .

1. Stop the rattle noise from screen bottom

2. Something better than velcro to hold parcel shelf in place

3. Increase view size of rev counter band (think this may have been done on newest version)

4. Stop the fuel indicator flashing like mad when you still have around 90 miles left in the final bar of the display

5. Where wheel trims are fitted design them in such a way that you can actually get a clean connection to the valve without the trim getting in the way

6. Put the coolant fill level on the side of the expansion tank you can actually see

7. Introduce variable intermittent front wipe

8. Fit rear seat better so that it doesn't rattle

9. Fit a small stubby aerial rather than something which looks like a Knights lance wobbling over the roof of the car

10. Full size spare please (fit under car if space is an issue)

Hey . . Toyota would pay thousands for feedback like this from marketing groups !

BTW - I love our little Yaris really - it's just these little things that wind me up !

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Hi everyone

Yes theres got to be a delay switch that you can buy from the motorist centre. I remember buying a similar switch for my old car for the interior light which made it stay on for awhile. So you could find the key hole. Surely there one about????


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Had a Rover 414i before my Yaris! and it had all the extras on SMW's wish list, also a beautiful car to drive, but.......the engine blew at less than 50,000 miles, head gaskets apparently a known failure in Rover, electric window fell out of place, window rubbers perished, exhaust rusted and smoking from engine problems....and on and on...all in a car under 6 years old......

But I somehow feel that I'd much rather have my lovely Yaris and the Toyota reputation for excellence ! and hoping the car keeps going for a lot longer than the Rover, despite lacking a few extra refineries.

Please tell me Toyota are better in the long run? :(

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My real niggles are

1) the rear wiper (as said) making that terrible noise after two wipes.

2) The most anoying thing NO LIGHT IN THE BOOT !!! my car is Black and so is the boot so on a dark evening you can't see a thing in the boot ! I'm going to have to get a lantern torch to leave in the boot.

3) the drivers seat not having memory (so I don't let anyone move the seat)

But all said and done my YTS is the best car I've ever driven lovely car.


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:D My YTS does have a boot light, and supposed (according to the manual, and the brochures) to have a seat memory, but I'm still waiting for it to remember :( I must be doing something wrong!

The rear wiper I find I can live with as I find compared to my old car that the rain doesn't hit the window as much due to the upright position of the glass, and I suppose the spoiler shields it somewhat.

Still love the car beyond belief, and it goes........... :D

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so back to my original Q :D

Can some sort of delay/relay switch be added to make it intermittent?

i can't see any reason why not.

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Makes me feel a little better that everyone seems to have this rear wiper problem, because mine makes an awful juddering noise straight away, although has only started doing in in the past month or so - never did it before, and it's a fairly new blade too.

If you find an intermittent switch gear or something, I think it would make a world of difference though - small things, big smiles - no ***** jokes please LOL :wacko:


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ive always wondered about an intermittent wiper aswell and i can recall maplin electronics doing some kind of thing for this.

gotta check their website

it was actually designed for older cars which didnt have the intermittent wipe on the front (!) but it could easily be used on the back

it also had a control so you could adjust the speed of 'intermittence'


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  • 11 months later...

I have just got hold of 2 projects for my Yaris.

1. Intermittent wiper control.

2. Interior light delay.

1. Have not quite got this working. It stays powered on even when the wiper is off so the relay keeps clicking. Plus unlike nearly all other cars I've ever had, when you twist the wiper to spray the wiper arm doesn't sweep back and forth accross the screen. Which means you have to wait until the delay is up before the wiper arm sweeps again.

2. Interior light delay - works fine on drivers door only at the moment. However the delay of the light means that you can't lock the dors until the light goes out because of the way the car detects open doors. But because it's only 12 seconds I don't mind. It could be upgraded to all of the doors with extra wiring.

Anyway the web site I got them from is - http://www.quasarelectronics.com

Pretty cheap if you ask me - good little project if you're a geek like me.

They require a degree of electronic/car knowledge to fit.

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so back to my original Q  :D

Can some sort of delay/relay switch be added to make it intermittent?

earpl's been wondering about it too.

he's got the Yaris manual thingy i'll have a look at it later cus i'm sure i'll be able to build a little plug in module for it. doubt it would be too complicated. like i said i'll have a look :)

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