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Whats This? Where Should It Connect?


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I remember this one from when i rebuilt the last engine, i cant be sure where it attaches to but i think it bolts to the rear of the intake manifold, i will have a look 2mrw morning and let you know for sure. If my memory serves me correct it is an earth - i recomend you don't turn the engine over until it has been connected, better safe than sorry.

What revision engine is it?

I'll be in touch, Matt. :thumbsup:

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hi that would be great matt, i've been running the car for about 1000miles now since rebuild, i decieded to check it all over again as its drinking more fuel than usual and it takes a few seconds to start but otherwise runs fine, its a rev2 uk spec. I found i'd missed this one, i guess its an earth, but not 100%

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yup it does bolt up under the inlet manifold same as the gt4. if you struggle to get to the underside then it would be ok on top as long as it connects to the inlet maifold :thumbsup:

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Right i've had a look, it is as suspected an earth point that bolts to the base of the inlet manifolt, its located just back from the alternator.

Here are some photo's, they are very poor i know, sorry



I hope this helps steve, it could be a tricky one to re-attach, let us know how you get on!

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