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Hey.... I knew this would happen.. to long until I get all my bits, so I'm on the look for others... AGh !!

First of all, Bibbs... can I have a pic of your car with the toms spoiler on it ??

Also.. can anyone recommend anything else ?? I have a rev1.

Also Bibbs... is it easy to fit the toms ? Do you have to fill holes etc on the rev1 lid ?

Or possibly thinking of going with a rev3 spoiler.. I dunno.

Also.. what about Veilside style spoilers... can they just go straight on ?

Thanks !

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Pic on my car is on the Gallery I think ..

Toms fits the same holes as the rev3 and has two extra clamps for the sides of the boot lid.

The Veilside is a bit busy unless you have the rest of the curvey kit.

I've always liked the SPL spoiler ..


Bathtub : eww


WTF : eww


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