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Maintenance/improvements - 4.3 Rear Camera Installation Part 2


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.....................Continued from Part 1


This is for XT5, the t180 could use a different camera and fit into the rear door where it was designed for near your number plate.

I was behind a Lexus RX300 and it had a very small and discreet rear view camera fitted at the number plate, which would probably be ideal for T180.

If anyone requires any more help I can make some more plugs and send to them without a cable.


Darkside's T180 Install

Here goes then, to any T180 owners mad as hell (like me) that Toyota did not fit a camera from the off.

For T180 owners, I bought the following camera:


The info by Schm & JHRC further up show the connections to the camera connector.

Below is where I positioned the camera on the back door:


and close up:


In order to fit where shown you have to remove that trim/numberplate light housing from the rear door. This is done by removing the three nuts on the inside of the rear door panel. This picture shows two of the the said blighters:


Then you need to drill and fix the camera:


Run the power and video through the back door (existing grommet for number plate light cable) - stanley knife and patience! you can see the access point in the bolt picture above.

Then connect up the camera wire (see JHRC) I ran the power cable along the existing harness through the rear door and through the flexible connector (JHRC again)

Once through into the access panel earth the cable as shown below. The power needs to be tapped in to the reverse light. In the harness in front of you are a number of wires. There are two red wires-one is the reverse light circuit, one permanent live. Use a tester (and a helper to put the car in & out of reverse) to locate the correct one. Connect in with a scotchlok, after I took the picture below I ran the cable into the harness to finish off the job.


and that is it, T180 as it should have been from day one!!

Final Note

Of course, you install at your own risk, but shcm, JHRC and Darkside wish you a successful install. Enjoy!

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