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1999 Camry Xle


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Here's one that I hope someone can help on. bought my Camry a few months ago, dealer installed 4 new tires. Right from the start, after new tires, the car pulled to the left. Took back to dealer they rotated tires front to back. Pull went away. 6000 miles later, time for rotation. Left dealer, car pulls left again. Went back and dealer crossed the two front tires. Car now pulls to the right. They determined I had a bad tire. They replaced one front tire and problem still exists. They then replaced the other front tire and problem still exits. At this point they are stumped. Both front tires have been replaced and car still pulls. Pulls right when tires are in one configuration, cross the two front and pulls in other direction. What could the problem be. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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This may lead to some disagreement, but apparently you should put your best tyres on the back. A test was done in the wet and it was found that if you lose grip at the front and you start to spin, the back end will follow it if there is less grip there causing you to spin, whereas if the best tyres are on the back, it can hold the whole car inline.

I haven't done the best of descriptions but they shown the test being done and someone I know who drives ambulences were also told this when doing their high speed training.

Now, as regards tyres wearing out faster than others, does it matter? You will still get the same amount of mileage overall. Take this as a theoretical mileage...



Fronts - 20,000 miles,

Rears - 40,000 miles,

Equals - 60,000 total

rotated every 10k


Fronts - 10,000

Rears - 10,000

Front - 10,000

Rears - 10,000

etc etc.

Either way, you would need to replace the tyres after the same combined mileage, it just means that when replacement is due, you need to buy 4 if you rotate as they would all be knackered, whereas you could just leave them, let the fronts wear out, put the old rears on the front and put new ones on the back - it just saves having to buy 4 tyres at once and helps with the anti-skid arrangement (it's upto you whether you believe the best on rear theory but I have seen it and it makes sense to me).

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Just an update for those who care. Problem turned out to be a tire. Dealer replaced both from tires again at the same time and problem went away. Out of three tires that were installed and swapped around I had two that were bad. The tires are the Ameri-General G4S 205 65R15. Junk tires if you ask me. But they were free and I can live with them til they wear out and then I get some good brand tires.

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